Harry Ruben - Vahe Khachadoorian-Took $300 From A HS Classemate!

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Vahe Khachadoorian

In winter of 2011, Mr. Khachadoorian took an online calculus course at National University for a high school classmate for the sum of $300. During this time Vahe was an unemployed math teacher in Los Angeles, CA.

I am writing this to inform the general public how unethical and unprofessional Mr. Khachadoorian is. I am aware of this situation and feel it is obligation to inform the public, parents and nearby Universities in the Los angeles area.

For additional information, please contact me via email at harrybig@gmail.com



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SPAM????I don't think so.

I do not know Harry Big or how he knows about Vahe's fraudulent act as a college professor, but his accusation is true. I know this because I am the ex-boyfriend of the so called classmate and I was the one who gave her the $300 to pay Vahe Khachadoorian. I do not wish to mention the classmates name as I do not wish to hurt her name so I will refer to her as classmate. I dated this classmate from 2009 to 2011, during this time she attempted to pass this course twice, failing both times .

her first attempt, she received a 34 average and her second attempt, she dropped the course. I remember Vahe asking her if she wanted an A or a B in the class, Soon after she receives an A. A word of advice to Blimp and Steve, do not affiliate yourselves with Vahe, he will only make you look bad.

To all potential employers, whether this accusation is true or false, are you willing to take that chance???Vahe, Karma is a B%tch.


no wonder, the email is stolen. one of the emails in this hacked email list put online: www.social-bombers.com/m/files/download/77K-adult-emails. :x


I think this is spam. I emailed this harrybig and got some response back about "penial enlargements." lol

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